Early detection of breast abnormalities can be accomplished through self-examination, doctor examination, and anatomical imaging. However, breast thermography provides for even earlier detection than traditional breast screenings provided in Los Angeles and beyond.

Breast thermography is a means for preventative proactive healthcare that can detect the subtle changes that the very beginnings of cancer, fibrocystic disease, inflammation, infection, or vascular disease can cause. Also, due to the incredibly accurate infrared camera that is used, doctors and other medical professionals can monitor any changes that occur before, during, and after treatment.

normal scan

This picture is an example of what good thermal symmetry looks like and has no suspicious vascular patterns or significant thermal conclusions.

Fibrocystic Changes
Fibrocystic Changes

In this picture, however, you can see there is vascular activity in the left breast resulting in justified clinical correlation and monitoring. After a period of regular monitoring, a conclusive comparison can be made.

Early Stage Malignant tumor
Early Stage Malignant tumor

Here we can see a small DCIS that is displacing the surrounding hyperthermia (heat).

Why Breast Thermography?

Because of the advantages that thermography provides for preventative healthcare to women in Los Angeles under 50, women  with dense breasts, and women at a high-risk for breast disease, it is becoming a more popular means for preventative care.Thermography provides a means for early detection that allows women to receive treatment for abnormalities earlier and possibly more successfully. This breast screening method allows for the detection of fast-growing tumors between mammography screenings or when mammography isn’t a part of a patient’s proactive treatment.

The thermograms of all patients are kept for up to seven years to allow for more accurate evaluations and telling comparisons.

Because this patient’s thermograms have stayed the same and remained stable for two years, it can be assumed that if there are any changes, it is due to pathology.

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