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Dr. Hillary Smith, D.C., DHM, C.C.T.

Hillary Smith

Since 1985, Dr. Hillary Smith has poured both her expertise and passion into her integrative wellness and chiropractic practice and in 2006, she began integrating Advanced Medical Thermography, The Breast Thermography Center into her practice. In all that Dr. Smith does, she strives for excellence and for this reason she was chosen to personally train with Dr. Peter Leando, an international leader in medical thermography. Through this prestigious training, attending Duke Medical Center and the auspices of American College of Clinical Thermography, Dr. Smith was awarded the highest level of clinical thermographer certification.

Why Integrate Thermography?

Dr. Smith first realized the benefits of digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI) or thermography through her own personal research for her health. Her research showed that not only is thermography a severely underutilized, proactive screening tool, but that it could also be very effective in detecting the early stages of change in a patient’s physiology. Due to early detection, the most efficient treatments could then be applied and, in theory, prevent negative changes before they could increase and create a serious health risk.

Because of this revelation, Dr. Smith began sharing with both the public and her fellow medical professionals in Los Angeles and beyond the benefits of medical thermography, breast thermography, and how to effectively implement these screenings into their practice and preventative healthcare plan.


Dr. Smith attended the Southern California University of Health Sciences and graduated Cum Laude with a B.S. in Biology and a Doctorate of Chiropractic in 1984. In 1992, she earned a Doctorate of Homeopathic Medicine from The Hahnemann College of Homeopathy and in 2005 Dr. Smith was awarded a certification from First Line Therapy, a lifestyle program that addresses chronic health issues. Additionally, Dr. Smith is a Certified Health Coach.

To continue to provide her patients with the best available information, Dr. Smith has continued her postgraduate education, taking hours of classes including a 100 hour course in Applied Kinesiology. She also integrated homeopathy into her practice earning a Diplomate and Doctorate in Homeopathy though the British Institute of Homeopathy.  Additional years of education included   a year long Master Clinician course by internationally recognized Louis Klein.

To better serve her patients, Dr. Smith began incorporating mind and body therapies into her practice.  In 2013, she made the decision to focus on Thermography and Wellness coaching. 

Dr. Smith was born in Los Angeles and gives back to her local community and beyond through her practice and speaking engagements that educate professionals and the public about the power of early detection and proactive health. Dr. Smith continues to study the application of thermal imaging and breast health, incorporating breast thermography into her Los Angeles practice. Ultimately, Dr. Smith wants to empower the public with knowledge about women and men’s  health issues, science based lifestyle approaches, self-acceptance, and peace of mind.

Nora Fasano

Certified Clinical Thermographer – Advanced Level

Nora FasanoNora is our Certified Clinical Thermography Tech. She joined our office in 2011 after moving to Southern California. Nora is dedicated to providing an excellent service to our clients. She received her CCT certification from the American College of Clinical Thermology in 2012. She has achieved Advanced level certification and training.  Nora is well versed  and qualified to answer your questions about thermography.

Nora grew up in Sacramento, CA and graduated from UC Berkeley.

Her other interests include music and caring for animals. She has experience as a professional drummer and continues to play with a band.

Nora is a favorite with all our patients because of her knowledge, kind disposition and beautiful smile.

Devin Kanzler

Devin KanzlerDevin joined our office in May 2016 as our back office administrator and social media consultant.

She is the friendly voice that calls to remind you of your appointment and to answer any questions.

Devin is a numbers whiz and is studying to be a math teacher. She recently received a Gold Medal Congressional Award for her personal achievements.

Her interests are reading, her pet cats and organizing.

Devin enjoys working in an office setting. She especially likes interacting with people and helping them find solutions to any problem they may face. Devin is excited to learn more about integrative health solutions and thermal imaging.

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