Mammograms have long been the standard method used to screen for breast cancer. They are useful diagnostic tests but have decreased efficacy with younger women or women with dense breasts. Young women are not good candidates for mammograms due to guidelines for breast screening. A breast thermogram is a wonderful option.

There are various alternatives. Each has its own advantages and some have significant disadvantages. Here are the leading alternatives to mammograms:

  • Ultrasound. The advantages to ultrasound are that it doesn’t use radiation and isn’t painful. However, it’s not generally as utilized as a mammogram for detecting breast cancer. It is often used for screening specific areas of the breast when there is something suspicious on a mammogram. Ultrasound is a test of anatomy like mammography.
  • A Breast Thermogram is looking at physiology or cell function. Breast thermography centers detect the warning signs of breast cancer by observing changes in your body’s thermal signature. A breast thermogram is not invasive or painful and it doesn’t involve the use of radiation.

Studies show a breast thermogram is very effective at detecting breast disease. A mammogram has a variable rate of efficacy based on the individual. When both methods of breast screening (anatomy and physiology) are used together, the success rate rises to over 95%.

While many doctors are not aware of breast thermography centers , it is a state of the art clinical test that should be explored by all women. It is affordable, painless and easy. Your health is your most valued asset and as women we need to be our own advocates and take proactive measures in our health care. Contact us today to schedule your thermogram.