How to prepare for your thermography scan

Thermography is a temperature gradient study. To achieve optimal scans, we do not want to create or block the natural heat of the body.

Please fill out your patient forms (below) prior to your appointment. Our office staff with be happy to help choose the appropriate forms for your scan. If you prefer, we will provide you with the forms in our office. You are welcome to fill out the paperwork at the time of your appointment.

Do inform our office if you are now pregnant or have been in the last three months, are lactating, or have had surgery or biopsies in the last three months. Thermography may not be appropriate for you at this time.

General instructions:
No powder, lotion, or deodorant on the area to be scanned.
No smoking for a minimum of 2 hours before the test.
No excessive hot or cold drinks prior to the test.
Please do not take nutritional supplements containing large doses of niacin on your scan day.
No vigorous exercise 2 hours prior to the test.
No massage, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture or physical therapy the day of the scan. It is preferable to refrain from these treatments the day before a full body scan also.
Avoid strong sunlight the day of the scan. Refrain from tanning booths and sunbathing for several days prior to the scan date, especially on the area being scanned.
Long hair should be worn up. Hair accessories will be provided. Please wear loose fitting clothing if possible.

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