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Thermography is an excellent means of preventative healthcare in Los Angeles. However, it’s important that before you make an appointment with a local thermographer, that you have some basic information about them.

What kind of infrared camera are you using to take the images?

The medical professionals of Advanced Medical Thermography in Los Angeles use the Meditherm 2000™ which is an infrared camera that was made specifically for medical use. This camera is the only one approved by the FDA and CE (Europe) and can sense incredibly small subtleties that would not be found using a thermography camera not intended for medical use. To sum it up, the Meditherm 2000 is the most advanced infrared camera intended for medical use.

Are conditions optimal for an accurate scan?

To get the most accurate image, the thermography infrared camera must be located in an area conducive for its use and proper protocols for each patient.

Who will be using the camera?

At Advanced Medical Thermography in Los Angeles, a certified female clinical thermographer will be taking your images. Dr. Hillary Smith is usually the one that takes the images and all reports are reviewed and interpreted by her. Dr. Smith has the most advanced thermography certification awarded by the American College of Clinical Thermography; Because Dr. Smith is  a level 3 certified clinical thermographer, you can trust that you are in good hands.

How long are medical thermography images saved?

Images, whether they are a full body or a breast thermography scan, they are saved for seven years so they can be used for comparison and, as a result, accurate diagnosis.

Who interprets the images?

Dr. Hillary Smith, a level 3 certified clinical thermographer, interprets the images.

Is there an option for a second opinion?

Gaining a second opinion is always available.

How will the report be understood and will a follow up occur?

Dr. Hillary Smith reviews the images and allows your doctor access to them as well, so they can review them with you. A phone consultation is available. However, an in office consultation can also be scheduled. Dr. Smith has an extensive background and education in chiropractic medicine and clinical nutrition, as well as a Doctorate in Homeopathy. Due to her medical thermography certification and her credentials, she can give you sound medical advise, but if you’d prefer, you can be referred elsewhere.