Meditherm Med2000™ Equipment/Medical Thermal DevicesDr. Hillary Smith is authorized by Meditherm Inc., the international leader in medical thermal devices, to sell cameras to appropriate facilities. She is also certified to train general and breast thermography technicians. We can provide further information on opening a thermography business and are available to provide a mobile thermography clinic in your office as needed.

Our Thermography Equipment

Advanced Medical Thermography solely uses the Meditherm Med2000 system. This technology is specifically engineered for medical applications such as breast thermography. The camera used in the Meditherm Med2000 system is FDA registered and considered a Class 1 medical screening device, giving medical professionals and thermography technicians the greatest advantage for seeing potential issues. Using general and breast thermography gives doctors the information to make the most accurate diagnosis and present their patient with the best treatment options. The incredible reliability and performance of the Meditherm Med2000™ has been proven worldwide over the last twenty years and with the breast screenings we offer at our practice.

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