Medical thermography isn’t limited to breast thermography. Thermography can be an effective means for detecting the source of inflammation and pain throughout the body. Sometimes patients are experiencing pain, but can not find the the place where the pain originates.

Thermography can be an easy means for gaining information so that medical professionals can arrive at a conclusive diagnosis and address the root of the problem. With this in mind, doctors are able to not just treat symptoms, but to treat the area from which the pain and discomfort arise. Not only can early diagnosis of neck and head inflammation occur, which allows for more effective and preventive treatment, but also pain patterns can be investigated and pinpointed through the entire body.  

Full Body Scan
Full Body Scan

During a full body thermography screening, the head, neck, breast, abdominal region, back, legs, knees, feet, hands, and arms are seen, allowing for proactive and preventive healthcare.

Upper/Lower Body Scan
Half Body Scan 2 Half Body Scan 3
Upper Body Scan

If need be, a thermography screening can be focused on one particular area of interest. An upper body scan includes a breast screening and a lower body scan includes the low back and legs.

Region of Interest

region of interestPictured is a thermographic scan of a specific area of concern.

Medical thermography is a technology that has revolutionized the health industry allowing medical professionals to not only have a better view of the physiology of a patient’s body, but also have the ability to catch harmful abnormalities before they become more serious. With all of this, thermography can be a means for giving patients a greater piece of mind.

Medical thermography is a preventative and proactive means of healthcare that can be utilized by anyone. Breast thermography can be a beneficial addition to a women’s preventative healthcare routine and increase the chances of catching breast cancer in its early stages by 95 percent. To learn more or schedule an appointment with Advanced Medical Thermography in Los Angeles, call or contact us.