In addition to breast thermography, we offer full body or region of interest thermography scans.


The technology used with breast thermography can also be used for other areas of the body. We offer thermography scans of the body or regions of interest.

Thermography allows us to see inflammation and pain. Often patients who are experiencing pain, cannot pinpoint the origin of their pain. Through the same technology used in breast screenings, we are able to help patients with other ailments find the source of their pain and discomfort, allowing their health professional to better treat them.

Gaining information for an early diagnosis of head and neck inflammation can lead to better preventative treatments. Using thermography on the entire body give insight in to pain patterns or areas to be further investigated.

Full Body Scan
Full Body Scan

A full body thermography screening includes the head and neck, upper body, breast, abdominal region, back,  legs, knees, feet, hands, and arms and is a means for proactive and preventative health care.

Upper/Lower Body Scan
Half Body Scan 2 Half Body Scan 3
Upper Body Scan

These scan focus on more than one region of interest. The upper body scan includes a breast screening, as well.  The lower body scans include the low back and legs.

Region of Interest

region of interestThis thermography screening is for a specific area of concern