Meditherm Med2000™ Equipment

Meditherm Med2000™ Equipment

The medical professionals of Advanced Medical Thermography in Los Angeles solely utilize the Meditherm Med2000™ system in all their applications of breast thermography. This thermal camera has been approved by the FDA as a Class 1 medical device with 510(k) clearance number K003332. The Meditherm Med2000™ system is used by medical professionals internationally for a variety of medical applications. With this device, those in the medical field are able to give their clients the best preventative health treatments. Though thermography is utilized in a variety of non-medical fields, the Meditherm Med2000™ system was created specifically for medical use and thus has the sensitivity and specificity needed for this application. Due to this device’s potential and consistent performance, it has been used for more than 20 years.  

Why Did We Choose the Meditherm Med2000™ System?

The Meditherm Med2000 system has the greatest potential to provide proactive treatments due to its ability to focus on sections of the body as small as two inches, but can also accurately measure the entire body’s infrared radiation emissions. This device is purposed exclusively for medical use, allowing for precise calibration, narrow temperature range of metabolic heat (10°C – 40°C), and physiological function as well as the avoidance of thermal drift and the need for strict protocols.

How It Works

The Meditherm Med2000 system utilizes 64,000 pixels and has specific and stable temperature ranges which gives this device and the medical professionals who use it the ability to obtain incredibly accurate readings and comparisons. Viewing an accurate progression of a disease, the body’s natural healing process is aided by this machine’s precision and its temperature range. Because of this, a foundational diagnosis can be made.  

Other Infrared Cameras

As we indicated above, the Meditherm Med2000 system is intended for medical use and so supersedes all other infrared cameras. Infrared cameras are utilized by a variety of non-medical professions, but because of their lack of sensitivity, they are not applied to medical uses. These non-medical devices can only record the average of the hottest and coldest temperatures for the whole image and cannot incorporate the body’s constant temperature flux, and so are incredibly inaccurate when applied to medical uses.  

Other Advantages of Meditherm Med2000

The Meditherm Med2000 uses edge enhancement so only the patient’s color map is seen and not their background. This infrared camera’s ability is due to the thermoelectric cooling detection system and its use of the patient’s entire color map.


The Meditherm Med2000‘s sensitivity and specificity allows medical professionals to process images with less critical protocol. In contrast, those machines not designated for medical use can only yield, at best, usable results.