Meditherm Med2000™ Equipment

Meditherm Med2000™ Equipment

Advanced Medical Thermography solely uses the Meditherm Med2000™ system for all our breast images. This camera, which can be used by a variety of medical professionals, is specifically engineered for medical use, is FDA cleared  Class 1 medical  device with 510(k) clearance number K003332.  The purpose of the Meditherm Med2000 thermography device is to give medical professionals the greatest potential for the proactive treatment of their patients. This device allows for medical grade sensitivity and specificity. Medical professionals worldwide have employed the Meditherm Med2000 system for 20 years due to its consistent performance.

What Sets The Meditherm Med2000 System Apart

This thermography device can focus on a section of the body that is as small as 2 inches in size or can capture the body’s entire infrared radiation emission. The Meditherm Med2000 is the chosen thermography camera due to its precise calibration for optimal use, and narrow temperature range of metabolic heat and physiological function. This thermography system’s accuracy rids the potential for thermal drift and the need for strict critical protocols.


How It Works

Each of the 64,000 pixels of the thermography camera is a referenced measurement which allows for incredibly accurate readings and comparisons over time. Having this precision available is crucial for monitoring the progression of a disease, as well as the healing process of an injury. The Meditherm Med2000 has a temperature range that meets the need for precise scanning, detecting and recording of metabolic heat (10°C – 40°C): Diagnosis can be made during or after scanning due to the Meditherm Med2000’s specific and stable temperature ranges.

Other Infrared Cameras

The difference between the Meditherm Med2000 and other infrared cameras lies in the intended use of each. Many infrared cameras are used for industrial purposes and do not have the needed accuracy for medical purposes: Temperatures are spread widely from 0°C to well over 150°C so eliminating the needed sensitivity when used by a medical professional. Though the temperature ranges can be adjusted, these infrared cameras can only record the average of the hottest and coldest temperatures for the entire image and do not account for the human body’s constant temperature flux. The results of any other infrared camera is inaccurate when used for medical purposes.

Other Advantages of Meditherm Med2000

The entire color map of the Meditherm Med2000 is used when imaging a patient and employs edge enhancement so the heat of the background surrounding a patient is undetected. The thermoelectric cooling of the Med2000’s detector system is responsible for this accuracy.


As mentioned previously, the increased sensitivity and specificity of the Med2000 gives medical professionals accurate images with less critical protocol. Conversely, industrial grade infrared cameras must have strict protocols to achieve results that are at best, usable.