As most women already know, breast screening plays a very important part in your health.  Women with increased risk factors are especially concerned.  We all have heard  that early detection is also very important.  What you may not know is that breast thermography can help detect the early signs of developing issues.

Most women are taught to perform self-examinations and to have a mammogram after age 40.

Early Detection Breast Screening ProcedureWhile self-exams are a great way to become familiar with your breasts and track any changes you may detect, they don’t tell you what is going on inside before the breast tissue actually changes. Breast thermography is very effective in younger women who are not yet having regular mammograms due to screening guidelines.

Thermography detects changes in the breast health based on your body’s heat signature without coming in contact with the body and without the use of radiation.


We all have a unique heat signature (much like a fingerprint). With breast thermography, we can map your thermal fingerprint and note any changes which occur over time. When changes in your heat signature are noted, you can take appropriate action with diagnostic tests, life style changes and clinical evaluation. Thermography is non-invasive and painless.

Comprehensive breast screening, including this state of the art clinical test, can increase your chances of detecting breast cancer in its early stages to over 95%.

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