Early Detection Breast Screening ProcedureMost women in Los Angeles have been educated that self-screenings are an important part of their proactive and preventative healthcare and most know to begin receiving mammograms after age 40. Though this kind of screening and others can be helpful, they do not show all changes and especially those changes in their early stages.


Breast thermography can detect even the smallest changes in your breast tissue. We all have our own unique heat signature; it is in essence a fingerprint. Because of the accuracy of breast thermography, it is easy to detect any changes from month to month. With all this in mind, breast thermography is a proactive and preventative healthcare screening, but not a replacement for regular mammograms.




When you can detect event the smallest changes in breast tissue, abnormalities such as breast cancer can be caught in the beginning stages—upping your chances of detection up to 95 percent. If you are interested in knowing more about breast thermography or making an appointment with Dr. Smith, contact Advanced Medical Thermography or call us at 844-AMT-SCAN. We have centers in Los Angeles, West Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks, Palm Desert, Redlands and Agoura, CA.