1. Natural Products Expo West 2017

    I’ve been going to the Expo for about seven years now. It was already a big convention when I began attending, but it has become a show of epic proportions. This speaks to the demand for natural and healthy products, and the financial rewards for having a popular product. That brings forth so much innovation. Every year the show seems to have a prominent theme. One year it was kale. You couldn…Read More

  2. Put A Heart On It

    “Hello, can you put a ❤ on your wall, without comment, only a heart, then send this message to your female contacts. After putting one  ❤  on the wall of the person who sent you this message, if anyone asks why you have so many hearts on your wall, do not answer. It is for women only to remember it's the week of breast cancer prevention! ❤ Check your boobies!! Hold your finger do…Read More