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Full Body Scans Using Thermography

Major Uses of Medical Thermal Imaging

There are a number of uses for medical thermal imaging. One of the most common is breast thermography, a technique which is used to help detect breast disease in its earliest stages. Full body thermography is also used, both in preventative health care and to help monitor known and existing health problems of many types.

Here are some of the other common uses of medical thermal imaging:

Vascular Scans. Your vascular system has a different temperature than your skin’s surface. Because of this, thermal imaging is highly effective when used to diagnose vascular abnormalities.

Pain Location. Often, those who experience pain can’t tell where it’s actually coming from. Medical thermal imaging can help. This usually doesn’t require a full body scan (though it can in some instances). Generally, the affected area (often the head and neck) are scanned.

Dental issues. Hidden inflammation in the mouth and dental disease are know to cause serious health issues. Thermal imaging is very useful is finding these areas of inflammation.

The technology behind medical thermal imaging was originally designed by NASA. Full body thermography has been in use for screening disease, pain  and other abnormalities for decades.

Full body thermography can also be used in preventative medicine. Establishing a baseline thermal signature is a good idea for anyone. A baseline thermal image can be used to compare to images later to help detect changes or other problems at their earliest stages.

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